Konflikt interesów

Conflict of Interest in Central and Eastern Europe

strona konferencji

Conflict of interest (COI) is usually understood quite broadly as a social phenomenon related to corruption, lobbying, nepotism, patronage, clientelism or the activity of informal networks of power. What are the current expressions of conflicts of interest in various spheres of social life in Central and Eastern Europe – politics, economy, science? What approaches to COI social sciences should apply? Why does COI often remain an unexplored issue, a part of the lost reality of social sciences, as Sojak and Wicenty call it? In what ways are scientists, including social scientists themselves, involved in various conflicts of interest, such as ‚rent-seeking’ activities?

Although diverse examples of COI are studied by social researchers from Central and Eastern Europe who tend to agree about its ubiquity and importance in post-communist CEE countries, the questions mentioned above remain often unanswered. The aim of our conference is to fill the gap and ask about the many faces of COI and the role it plays in different areas of social life in post-communist countries.


O konflikcie interesów – konferencja w Instytucie Socjologii UMK

PAP – Nauka w Polsce


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